How to Achieve the Best Results from Your Breast Surgery

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Before you undergo a breast augmentation surgery, there are a few important things that need to be done before, during and after your breast surgery which can reduce or eliminate any complications. It is important to discuss these with your breast surgeon to achieve the best results.

1.       First Consultation

Ensure that you and your breast surgeon understand what exactly it is that you want to achieve from your surgery. Your breast surgeon will then advice you whether you need a breast lift or a breast reduction surgery. Keeping all your previous health records and reports are crucial so that you surgeon is aware of your vitals.

2.       Using Breast Sizers for Breast Augmentation

Breast sizers help you and your surgeon understand the final breast size you want to achieve. Accordingly, the same size of breast implants can be used for a breast augmentation.

3.       Customized Surgery Plan

A lot of women need customized surgery plans on the basis of their health vitals, breast size, the area of incisions etc. Here the breast surgeon also recommends whether the patient needs to opt for silicone or saline for the material of the implants, placement of the implants etc.

4.       Planning Out Recovery

It is important to understand that your body will fully recover within 5-6 weeks from the breast surgery. You will need to plan your diet and exercise accordingly. Lifting weights is not advised for at least 6 weeks post-surgery and also lifting of the arms behind your back or behind your head.

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